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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Game Report 12/08/06

Location: Allan Street Poker Syndicate
Attendance: Neil, Bob, Drake, Alex, Miller, Smiley, Dirty, Cracker, Chris, Marchant (is this how you spell his name?)

A larger than expected turnout once again descended on Allan Street to throw some cards. The volume of players reduced the volume of cards played, but all told fun times had by all.

An initial round of Texas Hold 'Em saw the HGPA waiting a full three hands before the premiere All In call and subsequent bust out, quite a change from the blistering pace set in recent weeks. As is his nature, Bob built a large chip stack early after busting a couple of people out, and infamously vowed to "fold the rest of the night". Dirty also amassed a large stack after a couple of big wins, while Eric and Alex struggled to find the cards. Marchant and Neil played cautious, barely seeing a turn for a long while. Smiley saw his stack fluctuate thanks to bad luck on the draws, and Drake played his usual cautious style, picking his spots and guarding his buy-in.

Cracker soon arrived with much needed tonic for Neil's gin, and alarmed many onlookers with actual thought-out play, resulting in several large takedowns. Chris arrived not long after and began a series of aggresive bets that saw his stack grow and shrink with each hand. Omaha had its typical stupefying effect on the stacks as people eagerly tossed in blinds to see the flops - a series of pre-flop raises soon took hold, shaking out people less confident in their hands. Bob's large stack shrank somewhat as reckless play was rewarded with good rivers. Drake took down a couple of large hands, as did Marchant. Eric was into his third rebuy when Neil took a large pot down thanks to a rivered Ace. Alex used some decent leverage to win a couple of pots unchallenged, as Smiley and Dirty saw their chips slowly drain away.

Cracker's unusually smart play paid dividends as he cashed out around midnight up some money. Another half-hour of Omaha and Texas Hold 'em saw Dirty and Smiley go belly up, while Eric began to turn his fortunes around. Bob's once proud stack dwindled and Drake built up a nice wall. Chris had the last of his stack taken out on an all in by Neil, leaving a band of six to tackle Crazy Games around 12:30 a.m.

Sneaky Peeky, Garbage Day, Pregnant Cows, Baseball, Federation Day, Slaughterhouse and Witchhunt all made showings with the expected insane results. Marchant almost won a game of Baseball with a pair of 5s, which was kind of insane. Alex managed to grab a nice pot off Neil heads-up by correctly accusing him of being a witch, a first for the game. Eric scored a pair of large pots to cash out up over $60, completing an impressive comeback. Bob soon busted out totally after The Man With The Axe slaughtered some cows, and after Neil drew three consecutive wild cards to hit five Aces over Drake's four Ks, Neil found himself holding a large percentage of the night's chips. With only three players left and two of them short-stacked, Alex and Marchant agreed to cash out and the night drew to a close.

Big Winner: Neil with an unexpected +$100 off a single $10 buy-in. (Trivia: Neil has been either Big Winner or Big Loser for a HGPA record five consecutive weeks now - what a glory hog.)

Big Loser: Not really sure there was one - several people lost $20, I think. Someone please clarify.

Comeback Kid: Eric heroically turned a -$30 into a +$61 thanks to some amazing pots and cardplay in the latter stages of the game

Doppleganger Alert: Cracker played his cards correctly the entire night and actually won some chips. Clearly the real Cracker is locked in a basement somewhere.

Bad Bluffs: Alex got caught on a pair of massive full-out have nothing bluffs, which proved costly in terms of chips.

Strange Fact: Not a single game of Guts was played all night. Hmm.

Bad Beat of the Night: Eric's full house getting schooled by Dirty's slightly better full house in a big score in Omaha.

River King: Neil's all-in bluff actually paying out after rivering an Ace to give him top two pair.

You're The One With The Gambling Problem, Sir!: Drake lost an extra $5 ($1.5 million dollars in Drake money) to Neil playing heads-up Blackjack at 4 a.m. That's on top of the $20 he borrowed from Neil in the first place.

Someone's Been Reading Poker Jargon: Chris using "all day" like a pro to descrive the current total posted bet. Subsequently used to describe almost everything that was happening. ("Drake is beating people at Street Fighter all day", "Neil's all day consumption of gin is pretty impressive", etc etc)

Quote of the Night: "Ngggh za raaan naaaar da flumman unnnnn, narma mmma nominon zzaaaaaa . . ." - A yawning Bob chiming in on something related to something, as not a single person had any idea what he was saying.

Honorable Mention: "I just want to warn you all, I have a really good hand here." - Dirty, warning us all he had a really good hand before taking Eric to the cleaners with a full house.

Other Honorable Mention: "This is the best possible Omaha hand ever, suckers." - Bob, curiously dubbing his 9-9-4-4 the best possible hand to have pre-flop in a game of Omaha. He then backed this claim up by totally cleaning two players out on the ensuing 9-9-9-6-6 full house.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lost $20.75 (the $0.75 in Street Fighter).



10:53 AM  
Anonymous Sean "Puffy" Smith said...

The Ancient Chinese Secret to my playing not terribly: no drinking whatsoever. I think I also took advantage of the fact that no one expected my moves to make sense.

This is how you go up two dollars over your initial investment, playaz.

6:07 PM  

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