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Monday, November 13, 2006

Common Poker Jargon (Part III)

Third in a series of posts defining some poker jargon that regularly does, or should, show up at H.G.P.A. events. These are terms in addition to the basic glossary available on Neil's HGPA site. A related series of H.G.P.A.-coined jargon may follow. Previous entries: Part I, Part II

This entry will focus on "flop slang", or special terms used to refer to the initial flop in Hold 'Em (or Omaha).

If the flop is composed of cards with three different suits, the flop is referred to as "rainbow".

If the flop is composed of cards with two different suites, the flop is referred to as "two-toned".

If the flop is three low cards, the flop is referred to as "rags" or a "ragged flop". This can be combined with the suit designation. For instance, a flop of three low cards of three different suits might be referred to as "rainbow rags". (One possibly homophobic HGPA wit was heard to quip that this could also be referred to as a "pride flag". There's probably also a "motley" joke in there somewhere.)

If the flop is three face cards, this is referred to as "paint", or a "painted flop". A more fun term common for this is a "Picasso Flop". (Of course, this begs the question of what a "Dali Flop" would look like. I guess if King-King-Queen is an example of a Picasso Flop, then a Dali Flop would be something like Six-King-Sheep.) This can also be combined with suit designations, so you could have a "two-toned Picasso flop".

There doesn't seem to be any common term for the single-suited flop. Seems like a place for a new HGPA term.

And now, a couple of bonus non-flop terms:

immortal: Unbeatable; often said of a hand that a player knows cannot be beaten under the circumstances of play. Also "lock", "nuts".

Smiley's four tens were pretty much immortal unless Bob hit runner-runner kings. Even a river rat like Bob couldn't pull that off, though.

outrun: To beat another hand, usually by being dealt extra cards after the initial deal.

Drake was dominating pre-flop, but after that two-toned flop of rags, Chris suddenly had a draw to outrun him with a flush.

Saturday Tournament

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present one of the people who made it into the money at Saturday's tournament:

N.A.M., Esq

I'm not sure what this says about everyone who didn't make it into the money...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Game Report 10/17/06

Location: Dr. Smiley's Poker Emporium
Attendance: Chris, Neil, Smiley, Dirty, Miller

A sparse but hardy group decided to throw some cards at Smiley's swanky South End pad once again. Everyone who didn't come missed the chance to see Miller's awesome Dr. Doom gloves (affectionately dubbed "The Cheese Graters of Doom"), the spiffy new folding chairs made out of iron and padding and the insane display of bad karma for poor old Neil.

The low numbers meant many games were on the table, so a lot of stud was mixed into regular rounds of Hold 'Em and Omaha. Early round games saw Dirty and Smiley build some nice stacks. Eric and Neil played tight but just couldn't get any cards. Chris' stack swelled and shrunk like the tides, until a massive hand of Baseball early in the night saw him take a ginormous chip lead that he would lord over the table for the remainder of the games.

Further rounds of Omaha saw Neil take some catastrophic all-in losses thanks to several well timed river cards. Miller's play saw him build some stacks only to lose out on some decent calls that just didn't cut the mustard. Dirty's once proud stack was soon decimated, but he managed to turn his first buy-in into a comfortable stack in short order. Smiley's cryptic style of concealing his chips and cards with his hands made it hard to see how well he was doing, but he was smiling so who knows.

A few big hands of split-pot stud saw Dirty and Chris taking both ends of the pot, furthering their large stacks. Neil's despair deepened as he failed to get decent hands and the hands he did move in on were summarily destroyed on the river by better hands. Chris saw his once omipotent stack slowly dwindle to a mere gargantuan one, as Miller solidified his position heading into Crazy Games.

The usual suspects were played, including Smiley's Jesus Saves stud variation. Chris invented some kind a new Guts game called "Class Warfare" that allowed extra cards to be purchase based on a share of the pot. Neil desperately doubled-up a few times only to fall short on the third attempt, again thanks to the magic of the river card. Refusing to buy in for a sixth time, he watched the foursome hurl chips at one another in Pregnant Cows, Montezuma's Revenge, Tic Tac Toe and more. In what seems to be a recurring theme in HGPA weekly games, a large Gang War was the last hand of the night, and the game was called at 1 a.m. sharp.

Big Winner: Chris likely had far more at one point, but still managed to cash out at a very respectable +$60.

Big Loser: Neil, keeping with his desire to be Big Something every week, to the tune of -$50

Quadalicious: Several people hit quads in non-crazy games through the night. Coupled with Miller's Quadraphonia at the tourney last Saturday and it's been raining them all week.

Old Man River: Neil saw his better hand decimated not once, not twice, not three, four, five or six times, but SEVEN times courtesy of the river card. Suffice to say, this did not do wonders for his morale over the evening.

Bob & Baseball: Despite no Bob, Baseball was played. And not even during the Crazy Games! Must have been the baseball on the TV influencing us.

Chips Ahoy!: Smiley knocked over his own stack of chips several times and was also nice enough to smash Dirty's chips off the table at least 3-4 times over the course of the evening.

Throwing Down The Gauntlet: While not being forced into an Eric's Trip this week, at one point Miller donned his Dr. Doom gauntlets to "turn his luck around". Upon realizing he couldn't manipulate his cards with any realistic expertise, he quickly ditched them.

Quote of the Night: "Unnnnnnngh ... excellent. Well, here you go." - Neil, after seeing the only card in the deck that could beat him arrive on the river, having to deliver all of his chips to Smiley in what was a common occurance during the evening.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Tournament Report 14/10/06

Eleven men entered, but only one left. Well, everyone left. Except me, as I lived there.

Anyways: The tourney was another rousing success, even without our reigning champ Chris there or the likes of Alex, Bob, Tiger, Ward, Cal or Jarrod cluttering things up.

Eleven entrants, split for a long while into two tables (5/6). Several rebuys, a lot of reloads and the pot swelled to a delicious $400.

Once again the tourney ran far too long (a full six hours, 9 p.m.-3 a.m.), prompting this observer to suggest a 20 min capped round time limit on these things.

Lots of good moments, but since it was more that 24 hours ago I don't recall any of them. Good times, though.

Order of Elimination

11 - Cracker

10 - Dan Melvin

9 - Drake

8 - Neil

7 - Hyland

6 - Sean Jordan

5 - Speedbag

4 - Smiley

3 - Merrick ($80)

2 - Dirty ($120)

Grand Champion - Claming his first tourney win was Miller, netting $200 for his efforts which will surely salve some of the recent losses he has incurred at the weekly game. It was hard to not imagine him winning, since he hit quads an amazing four times through the night.

Since I was far too dazed after 2.5 hours of dealing cards to snap a picture, here's an artist's rendition of Eric enjoying his spoils:

Fun times, gents.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Poker with world leaders?

OK, here's a challenge for you HGPA blog readers: tell me what kind of players you think world leaders would be in a no-limit hold'em tournament, and what your strategy for dealing with them would be.

Here's some sample leaders, along with my answers, but feel free to use other leaders as well:

  1. George W. Bush - U.S. President

    Chris' read: Believes he is personally in touch with God, proudly not a member of the “reality-based” community.

    Chris' strategy: Dude thinks he can do no wrong, and the Lord will provide. He’s going to be heavy on any draw, because he thinks he’ll get his magic card. Any time I have a decent made hand and put him on a draw, I will bet hard. He might hit now and then, but in the long term I will clean him out.

  2. Kim Il-Jong - North Korean Supremeo

    Chris' read: Haircut, jump suits, family history, poking the tiger. Nuts. He’s a big bluffer. Nuclear test my ass.

    Chris' strategy: Treat him like Cal when he's drinking.

  3. Ehud Olmert - Prime Minister of Israel

    Chris' read: Justifiably insane; you’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you. He'll be tight agressive.

    Chris' strategy: Mostly get out of his way, unless I’m on the nuts. Mix in occasional strong bluffs, to try to trigger his “tight” characteristic.

  4. Hugo Chavez - President of Venezuela

    Chris' read: Hugo knows the score, and it drives him nuts. He’s so pissed at Bush that he's started making moves that are less strategic than previously. Somewhat loose agressive.

    Chris' strategy: The key here is to put him on tilt, so he starts making mistakes. Ideally I would do this by making him extremely upset with another player at the table, and then sit back and play off of both of their mistakes.

  5. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - President of Iran

    Chris' read:Panders to his base as much as Bush, but doesn’t actually believe the shit he says. Knows just how far back to strand when poking the tiger.

    Chris' strategy: Watch out for traps, and wait until he makes his big play on a hand when I’m in the weeds with the nuts.

  6. Muammar al-Gaddafi - "Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya"

    Chris' read: Dude in a dress or not, he knew when the time was right to get “terrorist supporter” off his resume. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

    Chris' strategy: I have to make him think I’m a threat, so he will respect my bets (especially my bluffs). Since he’ll fear me, I’m going to get out his way when he raises back (he must have the nuts), and dime him down with bluffing.

  7. Vladimir Putin - President of Russia

    Chris' read: Deeply screwed by economic hit men & the nomeklatura, but not at all insane. Pretty hard to make him flinch.

    Chris' strategy: Just get him drunk. I.e. the MacFarlane strategy.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Game Report 10/10/06

Location: Dr. Smiley's Poker Emporium
Attendance: Smiley, Dirty, Neil, Drake, Chris, Alex, Miller, Mal

Another week back at the snuggly table at Smiley's place. Early fears of low numbers were quickly allayed and we dove into cards headlong.

Hold 'Em and Omaha dominated much of the early play. Dirty and Smiley had the luck of the Irish and both enjoyed numerous pots early on. Chris was into his second buy-in pretty early on, and Alex and Miller soon joined him.

A lot of pre-flop raises meant a sizeable amount of money being shuffled about. Mal made a couple of large pots, only to lose them all almost right away. Drake made a couple of big moves but failed to capitalize, sending him to the sidelines for a while. Neil won a big hand every 10th hand or so to keep him around neutral for much of the early going.

As the night progressed and more and more buy-ins meant more and more chips out on the table, the stakes were raised considerably. Mal pulled out a massive hand with quad Aces, which he coasted on for the rest of the night. Neil put a serious dent into Smiley's stack after unknowningly hitting a backdoor flush to take out Smiley's straight. Chris hit a few magical hands to slowly turn his fortunes around after hitting his $40 limit for buy-ins not much earlier. Alex, also in the hole for $40 also began restoring his stack with some large bets and gutsy calls.

Drake bought back in but soon found himself once again sidelined, which opened the door for some split-pot Stud games. The usual head to head splits occurred, with nobody able to get the big both-ender that usually sends the chips all one way. Eric's woes continued, and Neil hit a few big hands in a row to build a sizeable collection of black chips.

Heading into Crazy Games, Garbage Day, Slaughterhouse, Mass Barbecue, Federation Day, Montezuma's Revenge, eBay and a new game smiley invented called Jesus Saves all made showings. Not surprisingly, a lot of chips moved around, as Smiley and Dirty saw their earlier fortunes wane into poverty while Chris, Alex and Neil enjoyed a boomtime. Mal rode his earlier winnings in comfort, and Eric staved off complete bankruptcy with a few clutch hands. After large gang war left Neil with a large majority of the chips on the table, the game was called.

Big Winner: Neil, with +$110 off a single $10 buy-in (including a roll of quarters. Nice!)

Big Loser: Eric seemed to be the most down, likely around -$40 or so (but he also got a roll of quarters to soften the blow)

Big Swinger: Smiley went from clear Big Stack early to 4th or 5th in a matter of 2-3 hands of Omaha. Yowza.

Comeback Kids: Chris turned a -$40 into a +$0.35 in fairly short order. Alex also turned a -$30 into a spiffy +$15 profit near the end of the night.

Opiate of the Masses: The 2006 Scream Awards on Spike TV captivated many people at the game, with a precocious blend of glitz, titz and faux horror and comic-book geekery.

Science Content: The optic nerve is the second of twelve paired cranial nerves but is considered to be part of the central nervous system as it is derived from an outpouching of the diencephalon during embryonic development. Consequently, the fibers are covered with myelin produced by oligodendrocytes rather than the Schwann cells of the peripheral nervous system. Also, if you happen to cut this thing with a pair of rusty scissors, a thick white liquid will spurt out of the now vacated eyeball. Thank you, Spike TV.

Startling Revelation: Frank Miller, the diminutive graphic novelist, artist and film director best known for his film noir-style comic book stories, is apparently "a nerd". Stop the presses.

Bob & His Balls: No Bob = no baseball held true again tonight. Huzzah!

Quote of the Night: "It's a lot like when you fuck a fat chick - it feels great for a few minutes, but afterwards you feel awful and you're all like 'what the fuck was I thinking?!' " - Neil, describing the mental effects of a hangover donair.

Honorable Mention: "Who the fuck watches this kind of shit anyways?" - Mal, commenting on the Scream Awards that he intently watched and scrutinized for a full two hours.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Game Report 03/10/06

Location: Allan Street Poker Syndicate
Attendance: Neil, Chris, Drake, Miller, Alex, Carsten, Dirty, Smiley

I have almost no clear recollection of what happened last night thanks to my heroic intake of Jagermeister. I was so intoxicated that I am even having difficulty remembering what happened before I got smashed, which is never a good sign.

Anyways, the Coles Notes version:

Everyone came over and we started playing cards around 9:30 or so. Omaha and Hold 'Em, with some Guts in there as well. I dumped a significant amount of Jager onto myself and my chips, perhaps a desperate act of self-preservation vainly perpetrated my liver.

Smiley and Dirty appeared to have a lot of the chips, until Chris rocked Smiley with a clutch card on the river to nail quad 3s. Chris seemed to keep most of this money while myself, Eric and Carsten were soon sent back into our wallets.

At some point we busted Carsten out and played some stud and I lost a lot of money. Eric's Trip occured as Miller had to hit the ATM down the road. I got to the end stage of G.I. Joe on the MAME during one of the breaks. Alex cashed out around 12:30 a.m. and we started playing crazy games. Chris made up some game that confused everyone. I remember Gang War being played. A lot of money was in the middle and none of it came towards me.

We stopped playing at some point and everyone left. I woke up on my couch around dawn with a half-eaten pizza pocket on my chest, PBS blaring some special about the disapperance of wetlands and a disturbing gap in my recollection of what had occured over the previous few hours.

Big Winner: No idea, but Chris and Dirty seemed to have a lot of chips so I presume it's one of them.

Big Loser: Clearly me, with at least $60 and a large slice of my lifespan being lost.

Riverdance: Chris definitely should have done one when he rivered a magical 3 to hit quads over Smiley's full house for a game-shattering sized pot.

Science Content: Jägermeister is a strong (70-proof; 35%) liqueur flavored with herbs (similar to Danish stomach bitters such as Gammel Dansk, the Hungarian Unicum, or Czech liqueur Becherovka). The name Jägermeister comes from the German words Jäger and Meister meaning "master of the hunt" or "master hunter" in the sense of "expert" or "committed" hunter. Contrary to urban legends, Jägermeister contains neither deer blood nor opium. Also, this shit will get Neil fucking hammered out of his mind, esp. when swilled straight out of a glass.

Baseball Shocker: We actually played some even though Bob wasn't around to insist that we do.

Quote of the Night: Some joke I made about a guy sodomizing Chris delivered in the form of a golf analogy, but I can't for the life of me remember what the fuck I said. Everyone laughed for a bit, so I am guessing it was gangbusters, whatever it was.

Honorable Mention: "I have a right to hate whoever the fuck I want." - Drake reasserting his cheery demeanor after I had commented that he had a right to hate people he had previously lived with.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Game Report 26/09/06

Location: Dr. Smiley's Poker Emporium
Attendance: Smiley, Neil, Miller, Drake, Dirty, Alex, Speedbag, Marchant, Brian (friend of Dirty)

A motley crue assembled in the confines of Smiley's apartment for some cards. The evening was marked by it's general tone of everyone doing pretty well at some point, as well as some really great hands being beaten by even better hands.

Early rounds of Hold 'Em didn't see a huge change in chips, although Eric did temporarily build a nice stack. Alex played a little more aggresively than usual and it paid dividends. Drake's normal defensive style belied the massive hangover that added to his usual cheery mood. A substantial intake of marijuana held Neil, Dirty, Speedbag and Smiley to try and piece together what was going on. Brian seemed bemused by our style of play and quickly squandered his original buy-in before adjourning to the nearby couch to begin a three hour nap.

Not surprisingly, the chips began to dance when Omaha came around. Drake memorably nailed quad Aces but only had $3.60 to triple up on. Alex built a decent sized stack while Eric and Neil both saw their stacks bleed out. Dirty hit a pair of nice hands to bankroll future endeavours, and Smiley shielded his chips so much with his hands that I have no idea how well he was doing. Speedbag held on as long as he could but was finally busted out for the night along the way.

With Eric and Neil both into their second buyins, some Guts and more Hold 'Em was played. Emboldened by the increased number of chips on the table, a few large hands were won by differing people, but without Bob and Chris around to bully the table, Alex decided to guard his stack. Despite some valiant efforts, it wasn't long before Drake was forced out and Neil and Eric were both sent back into their wallets, along with Smiley.

Some Seven Card stud once again realloted many of the chips to new owners, and the playing field was pretty level for most of the night. Around this time Marchant arrived and plunked himself into the mix with aplomb, perhaps knowing it was his last dance with the HGPA before heading to Calgary.

Heading into crazy games, Alex drove Speedbag and Drake home while some Federation Day, Pregnant Cows, eBay, Garbage Day and Montezuma's Revenge were played. The latter saw the pot steadily grow to upwards of $18, thanks in no small part to Dirty hitting trips twice in a row, dwarfing Eric's straight to the ace and Neil's straight to the king. Neil hit quad 10s in a game of Choose your Own Adventure, but couldn't get anyone to bite. Some Dirty Mexican Whore saw Marchant eat up two Queens and make a bizzare call despite being beaten on board. Dirty took down a huge Pregnant Cows pot with five aces, and Alex soon also matched the feat with a similar hand. Marchant exacted some revenge with some classic use of the Man with the Axe in Slaughterhouse, reducing Alex's surefire five aces to a mere two pair. Neil nailed a nice five 10s hand to draw close to even, while Eric struggled to keep afloat. After a fairly tame GangWar, the game was called around 1:30 with some tense card cutting to divvy up the change.

Big Winner: Alex, with +$45 on the night

Big Loser: Eric, with -$40 overall

Spare Some Change?: Neil brought $60 in fives and we still didn't have enough change.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame: No Bob apparently means No Baseball, as we didn't play any this week

Hey DJ: The strange confluence of MP3s and Rogers Blue Jay's Baseball blaring in the room didn't do anyone any favours when trying to concentrate

When You're Smiling: Smiley literally had a shit-eating grin on his face the entire night.

The Name Game: "The Bamboozler", given by Neil to Speedbag's new bamboo & coconut bong

Quote of the Night: "Don't let him finish, or else he'll become impervious to our attacks." - Drake, commenting on Eric's idiosyncratic aligning of his chips in the tray

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Game Report 19/09/06

Location: Allan Street Poker Syndicate
Attendance: Neil, Drake, Miller, Chris, Cracker, Alex, Speedbag, Marchant

A band of six began the night around 10 p.m. and immediately settled into quick rounds of Hold 'Em and Omaha. Cracker was all in around Hand #3, continuing the HGPA tradition of early fireworks. Neil took a big hand off Cracker before fading to the background till much later in the night. Miller hit some nice hands early and often, a theme that would dominate much of the evening.

Omaha had it's usual effect on games, as a lot of chips were passed around from one player to another. Alex employed his famed pre-flop scare tactics, and Drake played his hands cautiously. Chris made several big moves that had his stack shrinking and bulging like a pendulum. Cracker's fortunes last week were not evident this week as he was soon into a second and then third buy-in.

The numbers allowed several hands of Stud and variants to be played, with only a few large pots to speak of. One particularly disasterous hand saw Eric claim a massive pot after several people went all in, pushing Miller to Big Stack for the rest of the night. Drake's cautious play saw him with a large pile of red chips, but they slowly dwindled over the course of the evening.

Speedbag and Marchant showed up around 11 p.m., and rounds of Hold 'Em and Omaha were again afoot. Cracker busted out for a third time, and he was done for the night. Chris' once large stack fled him, and Neil was forced into a third buy-in. Alex played his few remaining chips cautiously, as Marchant failed to find the mark on a couple of hands. Speedbag's $10 buyin didn't last him too long, and soon he and Drake were both busted out. Marchant was cleaned out by Eric, who at this point was holding well over 2/3 of the total money on the table, and a break was called before Crazy Games.

Federation Day, some other Crazy Federation Day, Witchhunt, Garbage Day, Pregnant Cows, "Federomaha" (Federation Day + Omaha) and "Cattle Rancher" (Pregnant Cows + Omaha) were all played, with a lot of money being tossed around the table. Drake and Marchant's rebuy for Crazy Games did not last long, while Neil doubled up a couple of times to come out of the hole for the night. Eric wisely did not risk his daunting pile of black chips, and Alex just tried to stay afloat against many larger stacks. Neil took a nice $25 pot off Chris, hamstringing him for the rest of the night. After an absurd "K-Q-J-10-9 straight flush losing to not one but TWO Royal Flushes" event saw Neil and Eric take what was left of Chris' stack in Cattle Rancher, the game was called at a reasonable 12:55 a.m. with only three people left in the money.

Big Winner: Eric, with a respectable +$100 for the night.

Big Loser: Cracker, back to form with -$30.

Lucky Duck Award: Eric hit a cartoonish amount of his straight draws, resulting in many large pots heading his way.

And The Grammy Goes To ... : George Clinton, which Alex described as "the best poker music we've ever had".

Going Deep: Speedbag actually saw the button pass him a few times before busting out.

Baseball & Bob: Without Bob around, nobody had to endure a game of Baseball all night. Yay!

Omaha Oops Moment: Marchant calling a big pot thinking he had the A-high straight, only to realize after the chips hit the pot the old "have to use two cards" rule.

Insanely Bad Call of the Night: Neil spending $10 trying to bluff someone out of a Stud pot while two other people who were beating him on board were already all in.

Confidence Man: Eric made several decent sized calls without even looking at his cards - since he was too busy counting and meticulously organizing his many chips, it didn't seem to faze him.

Casting Call: With EBOC gone and Jerod MIA, a collective realization that we are in need of a shaggy, long-haired stoner, preferably resembling a hobbit or woodsman. Apply within.

New Catchphrase?: "Suck on that, bitches." - Uttered by Cracker after a rare win.

Quote of the Night: "The pot's working." - Everyone in unison, moments after Neil had again inexplicably misdealt several cards, and a reference to when he had said the same thing post-smoke-up on the front porch while trying to explain his irrational behaviour and forgetful nature.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Game Report 12/08/06

Location: Allan Street Poker Syndicate
Attendance: Neil, Bob, Drake, Alex, Miller, Smiley, Dirty, Cracker, Chris, Marchant (is this how you spell his name?)

A larger than expected turnout once again descended on Allan Street to throw some cards. The volume of players reduced the volume of cards played, but all told fun times had by all.

An initial round of Texas Hold 'Em saw the HGPA waiting a full three hands before the premiere All In call and subsequent bust out, quite a change from the blistering pace set in recent weeks. As is his nature, Bob built a large chip stack early after busting a couple of people out, and infamously vowed to "fold the rest of the night". Dirty also amassed a large stack after a couple of big wins, while Eric and Alex struggled to find the cards. Marchant and Neil played cautious, barely seeing a turn for a long while. Smiley saw his stack fluctuate thanks to bad luck on the draws, and Drake played his usual cautious style, picking his spots and guarding his buy-in.

Cracker soon arrived with much needed tonic for Neil's gin, and alarmed many onlookers with actual thought-out play, resulting in several large takedowns. Chris arrived not long after and began a series of aggresive bets that saw his stack grow and shrink with each hand. Omaha had its typical stupefying effect on the stacks as people eagerly tossed in blinds to see the flops - a series of pre-flop raises soon took hold, shaking out people less confident in their hands. Bob's large stack shrank somewhat as reckless play was rewarded with good rivers. Drake took down a couple of large hands, as did Marchant. Eric was into his third rebuy when Neil took a large pot down thanks to a rivered Ace. Alex used some decent leverage to win a couple of pots unchallenged, as Smiley and Dirty saw their chips slowly drain away.

Cracker's unusually smart play paid dividends as he cashed out around midnight up some money. Another half-hour of Omaha and Texas Hold 'em saw Dirty and Smiley go belly up, while Eric began to turn his fortunes around. Bob's once proud stack dwindled and Drake built up a nice wall. Chris had the last of his stack taken out on an all in by Neil, leaving a band of six to tackle Crazy Games around 12:30 a.m.

Sneaky Peeky, Garbage Day, Pregnant Cows, Baseball, Federation Day, Slaughterhouse and Witchhunt all made showings with the expected insane results. Marchant almost won a game of Baseball with a pair of 5s, which was kind of insane. Alex managed to grab a nice pot off Neil heads-up by correctly accusing him of being a witch, a first for the game. Eric scored a pair of large pots to cash out up over $60, completing an impressive comeback. Bob soon busted out totally after The Man With The Axe slaughtered some cows, and after Neil drew three consecutive wild cards to hit five Aces over Drake's four Ks, Neil found himself holding a large percentage of the night's chips. With only three players left and two of them short-stacked, Alex and Marchant agreed to cash out and the night drew to a close.

Big Winner: Neil with an unexpected +$100 off a single $10 buy-in. (Trivia: Neil has been either Big Winner or Big Loser for a HGPA record five consecutive weeks now - what a glory hog.)

Big Loser: Not really sure there was one - several people lost $20, I think. Someone please clarify.

Comeback Kid: Eric heroically turned a -$30 into a +$61 thanks to some amazing pots and cardplay in the latter stages of the game

Doppleganger Alert: Cracker played his cards correctly the entire night and actually won some chips. Clearly the real Cracker is locked in a basement somewhere.

Bad Bluffs: Alex got caught on a pair of massive full-out have nothing bluffs, which proved costly in terms of chips.

Strange Fact: Not a single game of Guts was played all night. Hmm.

Bad Beat of the Night: Eric's full house getting schooled by Dirty's slightly better full house in a big score in Omaha.

River King: Neil's all-in bluff actually paying out after rivering an Ace to give him top two pair.

You're The One With The Gambling Problem, Sir!: Drake lost an extra $5 ($1.5 million dollars in Drake money) to Neil playing heads-up Blackjack at 4 a.m. That's on top of the $20 he borrowed from Neil in the first place.

Someone's Been Reading Poker Jargon: Chris using "all day" like a pro to descrive the current total posted bet. Subsequently used to describe almost everything that was happening. ("Drake is beating people at Street Fighter all day", "Neil's all day consumption of gin is pretty impressive", etc etc)

Quote of the Night: "Ngggh za raaan naaaar da flumman unnnnn, narma mmma nominon zzaaaaaa . . ." - A yawning Bob chiming in on something related to something, as not a single person had any idea what he was saying.

Honorable Mention: "I just want to warn you all, I have a really good hand here." - Dirty, warning us all he had a really good hand before taking Eric to the cleaners with a full house.

Other Honorable Mention: "This is the best possible Omaha hand ever, suckers." - Bob, curiously dubbing his 9-9-4-4 the best possible hand to have pre-flop in a game of Omaha. He then backed this claim up by totally cleaning two players out on the ensuing 9-9-9-6-6 full house.