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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Game Report 19/09/06

Location: Allan Street Poker Syndicate
Attendance: Neil, Drake, Miller, Chris, Cracker, Alex, Speedbag, Marchant

A band of six began the night around 10 p.m. and immediately settled into quick rounds of Hold 'Em and Omaha. Cracker was all in around Hand #3, continuing the HGPA tradition of early fireworks. Neil took a big hand off Cracker before fading to the background till much later in the night. Miller hit some nice hands early and often, a theme that would dominate much of the evening.

Omaha had it's usual effect on games, as a lot of chips were passed around from one player to another. Alex employed his famed pre-flop scare tactics, and Drake played his hands cautiously. Chris made several big moves that had his stack shrinking and bulging like a pendulum. Cracker's fortunes last week were not evident this week as he was soon into a second and then third buy-in.

The numbers allowed several hands of Stud and variants to be played, with only a few large pots to speak of. One particularly disasterous hand saw Eric claim a massive pot after several people went all in, pushing Miller to Big Stack for the rest of the night. Drake's cautious play saw him with a large pile of red chips, but they slowly dwindled over the course of the evening.

Speedbag and Marchant showed up around 11 p.m., and rounds of Hold 'Em and Omaha were again afoot. Cracker busted out for a third time, and he was done for the night. Chris' once large stack fled him, and Neil was forced into a third buy-in. Alex played his few remaining chips cautiously, as Marchant failed to find the mark on a couple of hands. Speedbag's $10 buyin didn't last him too long, and soon he and Drake were both busted out. Marchant was cleaned out by Eric, who at this point was holding well over 2/3 of the total money on the table, and a break was called before Crazy Games.

Federation Day, some other Crazy Federation Day, Witchhunt, Garbage Day, Pregnant Cows, "Federomaha" (Federation Day + Omaha) and "Cattle Rancher" (Pregnant Cows + Omaha) were all played, with a lot of money being tossed around the table. Drake and Marchant's rebuy for Crazy Games did not last long, while Neil doubled up a couple of times to come out of the hole for the night. Eric wisely did not risk his daunting pile of black chips, and Alex just tried to stay afloat against many larger stacks. Neil took a nice $25 pot off Chris, hamstringing him for the rest of the night. After an absurd "K-Q-J-10-9 straight flush losing to not one but TWO Royal Flushes" event saw Neil and Eric take what was left of Chris' stack in Cattle Rancher, the game was called at a reasonable 12:55 a.m. with only three people left in the money.

Big Winner: Eric, with a respectable +$100 for the night.

Big Loser: Cracker, back to form with -$30.

Lucky Duck Award: Eric hit a cartoonish amount of his straight draws, resulting in many large pots heading his way.

And The Grammy Goes To ... : George Clinton, which Alex described as "the best poker music we've ever had".

Going Deep: Speedbag actually saw the button pass him a few times before busting out.

Baseball & Bob: Without Bob around, nobody had to endure a game of Baseball all night. Yay!

Omaha Oops Moment: Marchant calling a big pot thinking he had the A-high straight, only to realize after the chips hit the pot the old "have to use two cards" rule.

Insanely Bad Call of the Night: Neil spending $10 trying to bluff someone out of a Stud pot while two other people who were beating him on board were already all in.

Confidence Man: Eric made several decent sized calls without even looking at his cards - since he was too busy counting and meticulously organizing his many chips, it didn't seem to faze him.

Casting Call: With EBOC gone and Jerod MIA, a collective realization that we are in need of a shaggy, long-haired stoner, preferably resembling a hobbit or woodsman. Apply within.

New Catchphrase?: "Suck on that, bitches." - Uttered by Cracker after a rare win.

Quote of the Night: "The pot's working." - Everyone in unison, moments after Neil had again inexplicably misdealt several cards, and a reference to when he had said the same thing post-smoke-up on the front porch while trying to explain his irrational behaviour and forgetful nature.


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