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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Game Report 26/09/06

Location: Dr. Smiley's Poker Emporium
Attendance: Smiley, Neil, Miller, Drake, Dirty, Alex, Speedbag, Marchant, Brian (friend of Dirty)

A motley crue assembled in the confines of Smiley's apartment for some cards. The evening was marked by it's general tone of everyone doing pretty well at some point, as well as some really great hands being beaten by even better hands.

Early rounds of Hold 'Em didn't see a huge change in chips, although Eric did temporarily build a nice stack. Alex played a little more aggresively than usual and it paid dividends. Drake's normal defensive style belied the massive hangover that added to his usual cheery mood. A substantial intake of marijuana held Neil, Dirty, Speedbag and Smiley to try and piece together what was going on. Brian seemed bemused by our style of play and quickly squandered his original buy-in before adjourning to the nearby couch to begin a three hour nap.

Not surprisingly, the chips began to dance when Omaha came around. Drake memorably nailed quad Aces but only had $3.60 to triple up on. Alex built a decent sized stack while Eric and Neil both saw their stacks bleed out. Dirty hit a pair of nice hands to bankroll future endeavours, and Smiley shielded his chips so much with his hands that I have no idea how well he was doing. Speedbag held on as long as he could but was finally busted out for the night along the way.

With Eric and Neil both into their second buyins, some Guts and more Hold 'Em was played. Emboldened by the increased number of chips on the table, a few large hands were won by differing people, but without Bob and Chris around to bully the table, Alex decided to guard his stack. Despite some valiant efforts, it wasn't long before Drake was forced out and Neil and Eric were both sent back into their wallets, along with Smiley.

Some Seven Card stud once again realloted many of the chips to new owners, and the playing field was pretty level for most of the night. Around this time Marchant arrived and plunked himself into the mix with aplomb, perhaps knowing it was his last dance with the HGPA before heading to Calgary.

Heading into crazy games, Alex drove Speedbag and Drake home while some Federation Day, Pregnant Cows, eBay, Garbage Day and Montezuma's Revenge were played. The latter saw the pot steadily grow to upwards of $18, thanks in no small part to Dirty hitting trips twice in a row, dwarfing Eric's straight to the ace and Neil's straight to the king. Neil hit quad 10s in a game of Choose your Own Adventure, but couldn't get anyone to bite. Some Dirty Mexican Whore saw Marchant eat up two Queens and make a bizzare call despite being beaten on board. Dirty took down a huge Pregnant Cows pot with five aces, and Alex soon also matched the feat with a similar hand. Marchant exacted some revenge with some classic use of the Man with the Axe in Slaughterhouse, reducing Alex's surefire five aces to a mere two pair. Neil nailed a nice five 10s hand to draw close to even, while Eric struggled to keep afloat. After a fairly tame GangWar, the game was called around 1:30 with some tense card cutting to divvy up the change.

Big Winner: Alex, with +$45 on the night

Big Loser: Eric, with -$40 overall

Spare Some Change?: Neil brought $60 in fives and we still didn't have enough change.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame: No Bob apparently means No Baseball, as we didn't play any this week

Hey DJ: The strange confluence of MP3s and Rogers Blue Jay's Baseball blaring in the room didn't do anyone any favours when trying to concentrate

When You're Smiling: Smiley literally had a shit-eating grin on his face the entire night.

The Name Game: "The Bamboozler", given by Neil to Speedbag's new bamboo & coconut bong

Quote of the Night: "Don't let him finish, or else he'll become impervious to our attacks." - Drake, commenting on Eric's idiosyncratic aligning of his chips in the tray


Blogger Chris McLaren said...

Does this mean Neil's manic/depressive results streak has been broken?

7:45 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

Naw, that was broken last week when Eric cleaned house for +$100 and Cracker was nice enough to drop $30 for us.

7:47 PM  

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