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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Game Report 10/10/06

Location: Dr. Smiley's Poker Emporium
Attendance: Smiley, Dirty, Neil, Drake, Chris, Alex, Miller, Mal

Another week back at the snuggly table at Smiley's place. Early fears of low numbers were quickly allayed and we dove into cards headlong.

Hold 'Em and Omaha dominated much of the early play. Dirty and Smiley had the luck of the Irish and both enjoyed numerous pots early on. Chris was into his second buy-in pretty early on, and Alex and Miller soon joined him.

A lot of pre-flop raises meant a sizeable amount of money being shuffled about. Mal made a couple of large pots, only to lose them all almost right away. Drake made a couple of big moves but failed to capitalize, sending him to the sidelines for a while. Neil won a big hand every 10th hand or so to keep him around neutral for much of the early going.

As the night progressed and more and more buy-ins meant more and more chips out on the table, the stakes were raised considerably. Mal pulled out a massive hand with quad Aces, which he coasted on for the rest of the night. Neil put a serious dent into Smiley's stack after unknowningly hitting a backdoor flush to take out Smiley's straight. Chris hit a few magical hands to slowly turn his fortunes around after hitting his $40 limit for buy-ins not much earlier. Alex, also in the hole for $40 also began restoring his stack with some large bets and gutsy calls.

Drake bought back in but soon found himself once again sidelined, which opened the door for some split-pot Stud games. The usual head to head splits occurred, with nobody able to get the big both-ender that usually sends the chips all one way. Eric's woes continued, and Neil hit a few big hands in a row to build a sizeable collection of black chips.

Heading into Crazy Games, Garbage Day, Slaughterhouse, Mass Barbecue, Federation Day, Montezuma's Revenge, eBay and a new game smiley invented called Jesus Saves all made showings. Not surprisingly, a lot of chips moved around, as Smiley and Dirty saw their earlier fortunes wane into poverty while Chris, Alex and Neil enjoyed a boomtime. Mal rode his earlier winnings in comfort, and Eric staved off complete bankruptcy with a few clutch hands. After large gang war left Neil with a large majority of the chips on the table, the game was called.

Big Winner: Neil, with +$110 off a single $10 buy-in (including a roll of quarters. Nice!)

Big Loser: Eric seemed to be the most down, likely around -$40 or so (but he also got a roll of quarters to soften the blow)

Big Swinger: Smiley went from clear Big Stack early to 4th or 5th in a matter of 2-3 hands of Omaha. Yowza.

Comeback Kids: Chris turned a -$40 into a +$0.35 in fairly short order. Alex also turned a -$30 into a spiffy +$15 profit near the end of the night.

Opiate of the Masses: The 2006 Scream Awards on Spike TV captivated many people at the game, with a precocious blend of glitz, titz and faux horror and comic-book geekery.

Science Content: The optic nerve is the second of twelve paired cranial nerves but is considered to be part of the central nervous system as it is derived from an outpouching of the diencephalon during embryonic development. Consequently, the fibers are covered with myelin produced by oligodendrocytes rather than the Schwann cells of the peripheral nervous system. Also, if you happen to cut this thing with a pair of rusty scissors, a thick white liquid will spurt out of the now vacated eyeball. Thank you, Spike TV.

Startling Revelation: Frank Miller, the diminutive graphic novelist, artist and film director best known for his film noir-style comic book stories, is apparently "a nerd". Stop the presses.

Bob & His Balls: No Bob = no baseball held true again tonight. Huzzah!

Quote of the Night: "It's a lot like when you fuck a fat chick - it feels great for a few minutes, but afterwards you feel awful and you're all like 'what the fuck was I thinking?!' " - Neil, describing the mental effects of a hangover donair.

Honorable Mention: "Who the fuck watches this kind of shit anyways?" - Mal, commenting on the Scream Awards that he intently watched and scrutinized for a full two hours.


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