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Monday, October 16, 2006

Tournament Report 14/10/06

Eleven men entered, but only one left. Well, everyone left. Except me, as I lived there.

Anyways: The tourney was another rousing success, even without our reigning champ Chris there or the likes of Alex, Bob, Tiger, Ward, Cal or Jarrod cluttering things up.

Eleven entrants, split for a long while into two tables (5/6). Several rebuys, a lot of reloads and the pot swelled to a delicious $400.

Once again the tourney ran far too long (a full six hours, 9 p.m.-3 a.m.), prompting this observer to suggest a 20 min capped round time limit on these things.

Lots of good moments, but since it was more that 24 hours ago I don't recall any of them. Good times, though.

Order of Elimination

11 - Cracker

10 - Dan Melvin

9 - Drake

8 - Neil

7 - Hyland

6 - Sean Jordan

5 - Speedbag

4 - Smiley

3 - Merrick ($80)

2 - Dirty ($120)

Grand Champion - Claming his first tourney win was Miller, netting $200 for his efforts which will surely salve some of the recent losses he has incurred at the weekly game. It was hard to not imagine him winning, since he hit quads an amazing four times through the night.

Since I was far too dazed after 2.5 hours of dealing cards to snap a picture, here's an artist's rendition of Eric enjoying his spoils:

Fun times, gents.


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