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Monday, November 13, 2006

Common Poker Jargon (Part III)

Third in a series of posts defining some poker jargon that regularly does, or should, show up at H.G.P.A. events. These are terms in addition to the basic glossary available on Neil's HGPA site. A related series of H.G.P.A.-coined jargon may follow. Previous entries: Part I, Part II

This entry will focus on "flop slang", or special terms used to refer to the initial flop in Hold 'Em (or Omaha).

If the flop is composed of cards with three different suits, the flop is referred to as "rainbow".

If the flop is composed of cards with two different suites, the flop is referred to as "two-toned".

If the flop is three low cards, the flop is referred to as "rags" or a "ragged flop". This can be combined with the suit designation. For instance, a flop of three low cards of three different suits might be referred to as "rainbow rags". (One possibly homophobic HGPA wit was heard to quip that this could also be referred to as a "pride flag". There's probably also a "motley" joke in there somewhere.)

If the flop is three face cards, this is referred to as "paint", or a "painted flop". A more fun term common for this is a "Picasso Flop". (Of course, this begs the question of what a "Dali Flop" would look like. I guess if King-King-Queen is an example of a Picasso Flop, then a Dali Flop would be something like Six-King-Sheep.) This can also be combined with suit designations, so you could have a "two-toned Picasso flop".

There doesn't seem to be any common term for the single-suited flop. Seems like a place for a new HGPA term.

And now, a couple of bonus non-flop terms:

immortal: Unbeatable; often said of a hand that a player knows cannot be beaten under the circumstances of play. Also "lock", "nuts".

Smiley's four tens were pretty much immortal unless Bob hit runner-runner kings. Even a river rat like Bob couldn't pull that off, though.

outrun: To beat another hand, usually by being dealt extra cards after the initial deal.

Drake was dominating pre-flop, but after that two-toned flop of rags, Chris suddenly had a draw to outrun him with a flush.

Saturday Tournament

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present one of the people who made it into the money at Saturday's tournament:

N.A.M., Esq

I'm not sure what this says about everyone who didn't make it into the money...